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A rug is for life

Many of us grew up in a house where an Irish woollen rug formed the backdrop to every good picnic and trip to the beach, or was draped over the armchair where babies were rocked back to sleep in the small wee hours. Today, more than ever, we all need a good rug in our lives.

Traditionally, rug colours and patterns reflected function and practicality. More recently, rug design has evolved to combine traditional roots and methods with a contemporary aesthetic, reflecting experiences of travel, different cultures and the demands of modern living. Consequently, sunny palettes, pastels, gentle stripes and patterns such as polka dot or blackberry stitch abound in the repertoire of our native industry.

A rug is the most versatile thing. It can lift an interior using colour and texture. A splash of yellow sunbeam can make a flat ‘greige’ interior spring to life. Rich, autumnal colours in traditional weave can bring depth and warmth to a cold, neutral background. A traditional plaid can even soften a hard, modern space. The possibilities are endless and it’s hard to go wrong. But most of all, a rug is about giving warmth. Throw one over the end of the bed or keep it close to hand on the sofa. A good rug is also an essential part of the new normal where outdoors is the safest environment in which to socialise and meet with friends. A colourful rug adds a touch of style and panache as well as warmth to your outside space.

An Irish handmade woollen rug makes a thoughtful gift and a very justifiable investment for your home. It is timeless, infinitely useful, and will still be beautiful for decades to come.

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